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Celebrating Commons Conference Participants

Conference: “Celebrating Commons Scholarship”

Georgetown (USA), October 6th 2018

The Celebrating Commons Scholarship Conference at Georgetown Law, which was co-hosted by Sheila Foster (Professor, Georgetown Law and Public Policy), Brigham Daniels (Professor, BYU Law), and the International Association for the Study of the Commons, with the support of doctoral fellow Chrystie Flournoy Swiney (JD/ PhD (ABD)), from October 5-6, 2018 was a great success!  This two-day event brought together scholars and practitioners from around the globe to discuss the nuances, applications, and critiques of Commons Scholarship, which can be traced back to Garrett Hardin’s famous 1968 article on “The Tragedy of the Commons.” This article spawned a body of eclectic scholarship challenging, and in some cases refuting, Hardin’s conclusion that shared resources must be privatized or governmentalized in order to prevent their depletion.  Commons Scholarship focuses on alternative ways that collectivities of individuals and communities can and have come together to mutually enjoy and cooperatively utilize shared resources without falling prey to the “tragedy of the commons.”

This vibrant, well-attended, and extraordinarily multicultural conference included nearly fifty authors from over twenty different nations presenting over forty papers on a wide variety of interdisciplinary, and trans-disciplinary, topics.  Case studies were presented from Barbados, Brazil, Indonesia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Italy, Poland, Israel, Hawaii, and beyond, and topics ranged from “Indigenous Perspectives in the Commons,” to “Reconceiving the Commons,” to “The New Commons: Outer Space, Cyberspace, and Beyond.”  Various other panelists applied the Commons Framework to water, cities, the environment, technology, biodiversity, and the media; and the opening plenary featured three leading commons scholars, Professors Foster, Daniels, and Shi-Ling Hsu (Florida State University College of Law), who discussed the most recent innovations in commons theory.